So how on earth do you do that? 

 This month, we are joined by social media expert and educator Jenni Beattie to discuss just that

Having spent over 10 years specialising in the online space (amazing when you consider that Facebook is only 12 years old and Instagram only 6) Jenni is the Director of boutique social media agency Digital Democracy with clients including Pedigree, the Cancer Council and Telstra. 

Jenni also teaches Emergent Media (social media) and PR at the University of Technology Sydney. 

 Join us for an eye opening morning as Jenni shares the vital questions any small business needs to ask itself before pressing 'post' on their next piece of online content as well as her top lessons learned from 10 years in social media.

Your ticket price includes everything from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave. 

Take some time for yourself and walk away with great insights on how to create a business you love as well as the tools you need to implement what you've learned. 

Meet women who understand both your passion for the business that you are creating and the harmony that you are striving for with your family.


The Mothers Den Brunch Sessions are back for 2017 and we are starting off the year with a special Brunch by request.

Throughout last year, whenever we asked our community what they wanted to learn more about, one answer stood out far from the rest - social media.

And it makes sense - with 1.79 billion active users a month on Facebook alone, unless you are dealing with a very unique niche within society, chances are that your audience is hanging out in the social online space. 

This is where they play, where they share and where they learn about what's happening in the world. 

Fail to make your mark here and your business will be lost in all the online noise. 

But having a presence on social media isn’t just about starting an account and slapping on some content. That tactic definitely isn't going to get anyone's attention and it certainly won't get you more precious leads. 

You've got to woo your audience and make them get to know you, trust you and ultimately want to hand over their hard earned cash to work with you. 



The Greens is a beautifully light filled space in a quiet pocket of  North Sydney, just minutes from the Harbour Bridge. 

Easy to get to from all over Sydney with plenty of parking nearby, this venue has been the perfect home to our Brunches over the last few months. 


Admission and Brunch - $49

Please watch my kids for me - $10

Annual Brunch 10 pass - $390

"That was a wonderful brunch - my first! The energy in the room was collaborative without being sappy, and the conversations at the table were open, curious and positive."

Partnered with Upswing

- Shannon Young

The Mothers Den Brunch Sessions are a monthly event that brings together the growing pride of bright, talented mums building meaningful businesses on their own terms. 

We know how isolating life can be when you juggle running a business with family. Not to mention how hard it can be to find focus and motivation when life is already hectic enough. 

We are about providing you with a special space where you feel supported and inspired - all while giving you access to some of the greatest business minds to help you take your own business further. 

Our Brunches also give you the opportunity to meet other amazing women, just like you, who walk the same path and understand your struggles.

Each Brunch includes a keynote speaker who will be sharing their knowledge for greater success, both in business and as a whole, with plenty of opportunity to mingle and meet other mums who walk a similar path. 

To help make your morning and easy and stress free as possible, we have partnered with the incredible ladies at Upswing to offer you a limited number of child care spaces.

To reserve your spot, simply select a child ticket at checkout. Young babies who will happily sit in your lap do not need to be booked in.

"Just wanted to say a huge thank you! What an amazing morning. I was so inspired but just as impressed with the whole set up of the morning. Such a great venue, good food, smooth sailing event and such a relaxed atmosphere! Will def be telling my other mum entrepreneur peeps!!"

- Anna Chisholm, Nourished For Life

Can I bring my child(ren)?

Yes! We have partnered with Upswing to provide a limited number of childcare spots. 

Young babies who will happily sit in your lap do not need a ticket. 

What if I buy a ticket and can't make it?

We know how unpredictable life with kids can be. As long as you let us know prior to five days before the event, we are more than happy to refund your ticket.

Are the Brunch Sessions catered?

Yes, all of our events are fully catered. For our Brunch Sessions, we've teamed up with some of the best cafes and venues around Sydney to make sure that your morning is as relaxing and insightful as possible. While each venue is slightly different, you can expect to be treated to something a little bit sweet, something a little bit savoury, plus fruit, tea and coffee. 

What if I have special dietary requirements?

Just let us know when booking your ticket and we'll coordinate with the venue.

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